Dr. Masuru Emoto, author of "Messages from Water" Was Interviewed by Joan Holman for the Legacy of Achievement of Foundation -- Dr. Masuru Emoto researches water and the changes that occur in its molecular structure through the influence of prayer and sound. 

His groundbreaking books "Messages From Water Vol. 1, 2, and 3" and the book The Hidden Messages from Water present his research methods and results. Dr. Emoto, who lives in Toyko, Japan, travels the world sharing his message of HADO: 

"The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter." Dr. Emoto's stunning water crystal photographs visibly demonstrate how our thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. His reproducible research scientifically demonstrates the beneficial as well as detrimental effects of prayer and sound.

Original Legacy of Achievement PBS Television Special Enduring principles of achievement were the basis for a one-hour television program which was broadcast by PBS affiliates nationwide. Produced in association with KTCA Television, The Legacy of AchievementTM with Dennis Kimbro featured a dynamic speech by Dr. Kimbro on principles of achievement, along with Dr. Kimbro's engaging interviews with five highly successful individuals (shot on location in their homes and offices.)

Dr. Dennis Kimbro is the co-author with Napoleon Hill of the bestselling book Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, which presents principles of success found in the lives of black achievers. The Legacy of Achievement with Dennis Kimbro crossed race, gender and different backgrounds to present diverse examples of successful individuals and displayed the universal principles that underpin all great achievement.

Those interviewed included:

Arlene DeCandia - With a desire to pull her family out of poverty, Arlene went back to college and earned a B.A. degree in her early 30's. Eager and enthusiastic, she got a job and was promptly fired. Faced with this blow to her self-esteem, she fought discouragement and looked for options for her future. After much thought, she decided that she wanted to have her own business. That was 1979 and Arlene decided to build, from scratch, a corporate conference center. Today Arlene successfully owns and operates the Riverwood Conference Center in Monticello, Minnesota.

Dr. Reatha Clark King - One of America's most educated and accomplished black women. In addition to having a PHD in chemistry she holds 11 honorary doctorates and was one of America's first women of color to preside as President of a predominantly white college. As President of the General Mills Foundation she oversaw up to $30 million annually in charitable grants.

Tom Gegax - Founder of Tires Plus Stores, Tom and a partner built a highly successful business. Tom models a new leadership style which emphasizes balance and employee empowerment. An advocate of intrapreneurship and performance-based earnings, Tom shares his ideas about how individuals and companies can be successful in today's changing environment.

Scott Olson - Developer of in-line skates, commonly called "Rollerblades". Scott founded Rollerblade, Inc. in his 20s, only to lose his company. But, with determination and optimism, he bounced back to start another company and to develop and market other innovative products. He encourages individuals to believe in themselves and their dreams and to never let a temporary setback stop them from striving for success.

Dean Mitchell - Like many other young black males, Dean Mitchell did not have the traditional mother-father home environment. Raised by his grandmother, Dean has overcome discrimination and poverty to become one of America's most successful artists. Drawing on his "inner self" and his strong desire to develop and use his natural artistic ability, Dean worked extra hard to overcome the deficiencies in his childhood education. By "working hard and believing in yourself and your dream" Dean tells individuals they, too, can succeed.

The Legacy of Achievement Foundation is an organization dedicated to the creation of an educational library documenting the lives and lessons of great achievers of all races who exemplify positive characteristics and accomplishments. This library will be used in the development of television programs, audio-video materials, books, and other media programs.

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